BC007 - Canvax - Anomaly

by Canvax


Canvax brings us the seventh addition to the Body Control catalog. Residing in the Netherlands, his release "Anomaly" delivers hard driven, tough analog techno that is sure to control the body.

"Anomaly – Astonishing events have occurred during routine EVA. I am being detained and investigated by unknown entities from a foreign solar system.

Flash Forward – The beings are transporting me to what appears to be a meeting place for inter-galactic travelers.

Hyperspeed – Aboard military vessel...cannot understand the words, but in my mind I feel what they mean. We are heading to a research outpost in the Gliese 667 trinary star system.

Station 9 – Planets orbiting Gliese 667 C are masked with technologies of unknown origin. Do not send a search and rescue team. Our creator [transmission unintelligible]"



released September 1, 2014

All Tracks Written and Produced by Danny Jeroense
Arwork by Remona Poortman
Mastered by Michel Schiralli



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Atlanta/London/Germany distribution

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